I HAVE 6 DIFFERENT VIBRATING TOYS, I ALWAYS WEAR 2 OR 3 IN FREE CHAT, SO YOU CAN VIBRATE THEM AND MAKE ME WET FOR PRIVATE I ALSO HAVE BUTTPLUG VIBRATOR, I WAIT FOR YOU IN MY ROOM TO TEST THEM ALL Greetings to all who visited my bio page. Visitors to the site with or without credit My virtual name is SophieDee, the real one you will find it when u will come into my room. Do not ask me stupid questions about my real life in FREE CHAT. I live on planet of Earth. In one of the countries of Europe. I am .. years old , guess if you curious.The most important inner human feeling his age and not the passport details. I always feel like in 18 years. When the soul is singing and playing butterflies in the stomach and sometimes run into the head crazy squirrels. Im working on this site for more then 2 years. My room visits different people funny, kind, rude, crazy and sometimes men forget that Models of this site is the real people that make your life brighter and kinder every day. For rude people, site made two buttons DISCONNECT and BAN . It helps the models keep their nervous system .If you no longer can enter to my room more, draw conclusions. By accessing this site you expect to get not forgotten feelings or find a virtual girlfriend in spirit, that why i here . I love to make people happy and smile . Im usually a person , like everyone else, with of character and with your emotions If you wish to know me better , add me to your favorite list or take me into a private room. Id love to talk with you on all topics and of course if I you interested in as a sex object, I can drive you crazy and bring you to orgasm. If you missing me and I not online , then go into the ranks of my VIP Account and have fun with me 24 hours a day. My room is just what the doctor ordered to improve your health and improve emotionally and sexually mood .Relax and enjoy to have fun with me, because life is so short piece, do not forget about it. Dont limit yourself in pleasure and i;d love to make your life brighter. DONT be shy and come to me . Good luck I like to have a lot of fun, like to be naughty, sexy, like to show and play with my hot body, like to meet new interesting guys,seduce and turn them on that is are simple reasons why im here. You are always welcome in my room to see how naughty I can be Crazy inside, sexy outside. Its up to you which one you choose but Im sure that you wont regret any of them. I know what you want but you need to ask for it and be nice. I love deep, hard and fast sex but also hot, soft and slow with a lot of passion. Turn ons : My vibrating toys while you have control on them Turn offs : Rude people Cheap asses