About me i dont have to much to say, im those kind of girl who know always what she want.. im never without fantasies , always with smiley on my face , even when my niqab hide it you just have to be enough the curious and polite to see it. Im arabian ,so dont judge me for my incorrectly english , or for i dont speak french ery good.. i try to do my best i promise, and yes my religion its muslim.. the reason why i wear hijab.. I like to chat , but i do it on free chat.. on private chat i play.. when i find on you a good partner, when you handle me like a bitch i will treat you like an asshole.. For respect i will give you pleasure. Something for something D Turn ons : it really turns me on charming guys sexy words nice whisperers on my ears and sexy body what really turn me on its to watch how someone jerk in front of me So dont be afraid to give me your cam Turn offs : ouh doesnt excite me when you call me bitch or treat me without respect you ask me to get naked fast what you dont have brave to try in real life dont try it on my chat also